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Empora Recordings

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Empora Recordings is a small, independent recording/production/mixing company based in Sussex UK, run by Mark Roberts. The main aim at Empora is to offer a professional service  that is both affordable and thorough. We will go that extra mile to ensure you get the best results and that your music is represented in the best possible light. Whether you are in a band, a solo/voice over artist or any type of musician we have a package to suit every budget.

The studio

Now based in Newhaven at what was once “Orange Room” the studio itself is within walking distance of the railway station and bus stops taking around 20-25mins from Brighton centre. Based over 3 floors the complex has two great mix rooms a live room and several isolation booths allowing for very controlled live recording etc. We still pride ourselves on being able to provide other musical equipment including drums, amps, guitars, pedals etc at no extra cost. This gives you more options when tracking and mixing. If other specific gear is needed we are happy to try and source that for you. The Newhaven complex is also home to other working producers/engineers which means much of our gear is pooled together, Check out the studio pics and see what you can spot!


Empora Studios has everything you need to create a professional recording at a budget that suits you, from live demos to release quality albums. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.